San Francisco and my Ramadan Story in Dubai 2017

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I applied to San Francisco based companies due to knowing that it was Ramadan in Dubai and there would be fewer positions open for a time being. I stood jobless during that “not seasoned for job hunting time” second-year round, so I applied to another country, which was San Francisco, I did it out of curiosity.

Surprisingly, I had been accepted for a test task that would prove my skills. And I’ve worked on the task and polished it up to details like till 100% perfect, then submitted it… But inner myself I started feeling like I’ve fallen in love with Dubai so much, so so so much and I mean it, as it started saddening me, the thoughts that I might actually move to San Francisco if I will succeed… It seemed to me that I really belong to Dubai with my skin and bones, and this thought was kinda heartbreaking for me. And I left this open for my destiny… 

San Francisco was a dream of my childhood before and it sounded really nice to me…but guess what? Life sometimes proves you where you actually do belong with your heart, with a tiny little feeling of an enormous love hidden to the place you belong to. And that place for me turned out to be Dubai.

Ever since I moved I couldn’t understand why would life leads me to the country I’d appear to live and work in till now, the city I never dreamed of or even thought of before… but now I know, my heart simply belongs and resides here! 💚

This turn with San Francisco taught me something about myself and what I really need and want, additionally it taught me that everything is possible in this lifetime, whatever desire I’d ever had, I have a full capability and freedom to achieve it, even though I’m still too young. But you don’t define where your heart belongs to because it already knows the path better before you even assume…

And yeah, I’m not moving anywhere, I belong to Dubai, at least for now.


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