I deleted my instagram – here’s why!

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Reasons for deleting my Instagram page with no back up for the pictures and moments I lived:

  • I already lived those moments, why would I want to relive them?
  • I wanted to build something new in the place that has to be “emptied”
  • I decided consciously spend my time uploading information on my products such as my website
  • There’s plenty of information that is pressuring my mind and I am sensitive: Facebook, Instagram, Email and all possible ads coming in there and here just drove me insane.
  • I decided to work on a new 125-page screen script I would love to write in a quiet time with fewer distractions.
  • I find the system we live in inappropriate sometimes, human system is not perfect for everyone. (Shoutout from an INFJ)
  • You can’t feed me b*tts and lingeries and expect me to learn something that serves me.
  • No more “Hello, you’re so beautiful, would you like to spend the night…?” at least blocked one source of perv texting.
  • Nobody’s interested in my Instagram anyway, most are interested in what they can “copy” or get to “talk” about and see what connections I have. (not everyone but the mass)
  • I don’t want other people who don’t know me and will never know (those from other countries) to follow me just for the sake of number in their accounts.
  • I don’t want anyone tracking what I am up to every minute or day or to be perceived how I am in real life through the Instagram page.
  • I want real connections and am not afraid to lose all the connections to find out which were the “real” ones. The real ones would find me in their phonebooks.
  • Concluded that Instagram is a time waste for me at the current stage of my life unless I would post something meaningful and those things would be serving those who follow.

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